Recorder Karate

Recorder Karate is a highly motivational method for young recorder players. It allows young musicians to use the skills they have learned in music to teach themselves songs on the recorder and then play them solo for the teacher. Our 3rd graders will be participating in this until the end of the year. Here is how it works.
Each student is given a packet of nine songs that progresses in difficulty with each song learned. When the class comes to music, each student will play whichever song he/she has prepared for the teacher. If the song is passed, the student receives a karate belt to put on the end of the recorder and begins working on the next song. Once the students get that first belt, they are usually motivated to continue on to the next one in order to get as many belts as possible. The songs are played in the order that they are given in the packet of music. Songs cannot be skipped. Students can have one pass per song but then will have to play the next time their name is called.
While we are doing Recorder Karate, there are no Practice Bugs. It is expected that the students are working on their packet of songs even during the weeks that they do not have music. Eventually students will have the opportunity to come and play outside of class - usually at the very beginning of recess. This allows students that are highly motivated to progress through the songs more quickly. For those that finish the first packet of songs and get a Black Belt, there is a second packet of nine songs that offers even more challenges.
If you want to know when your student will have music, you will find that on the calendar on this site. You will also find most of the playalong music for the songs in the packet. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at I hope that you continue to hear the sounds of music at home!

Below you will find most of the songs in your "Recorder Karate" packet. The last 4 songs are part of the Black Belt packet. Work hard and enjoy!!!

Hot Cross Buns

Merrily We Roll

Gently Sleep

Bells Are Ringing


Lightly Row

When the Saints

Ode to Joy

It's Raining

Old MacDonald

Amazing Grace

Twinkle, Twinkle