What is a Practice Bug and how does it work?
Practice Bugs are a fun way to keep track of your recorder practice. Each time that you practice your recorder, you should write it down on your Practice Bug and give the date. Your parent must sign the bottom of your sheet before you turn it in. You will turn in your completed Practice Bug every Friday to the box in your classroom labeled "Music Homework."
You are expected to practice three times a week for at least 10 minutes each time on the days of your choice. (weekends count) You may practice for more than three times and more than 10 minutes if you would like to do so. When you need more Practice Bugs, just get them out of the box in your classroom or in the Music Room any time. You can also print one using the box at the top of this page labeled bug.pdf. A new practice week will begin every Friday.
Research shows that frequent shorter practices are better than longer practices where you try to cram all of your work in one day. Be sure that you are practicing three different times during the week instead of one long practice. One practice of 30 minutes counts as just one practice. In order for you to get better at playing recorder and reading music, practice is required. This is homework just like all of your other subjects. So, plan your time carefully and ENJOY!!!!

Here are the dates that your Practice Bugs are due. You will also see this on the calendar.

Friday, November 3

Friday, November 10

Friday, November 17

Friday, December 1

Friday, December 8

Friday, December 15