Third Grade Recorder

Welcome to 3rd Grade Recorder! This is the page where you will find your homework for class and music for practicing at home. You will also find a Practice Bug to print on the Practice Bug page and the dates when Practice Bugs are due. In order for you to grow as a musician, practice is required. Therefore, I know that you will be practicing even on the weeks that you do not have music.

When looking for your homework, you will always look on the date of the last class time that you had music. That can be confusing at times since you do not come to music every week. So if you are looking for your homework on a week that you do not have music, you will look for the last day on the calendar that has your teacher's name on it. This may mean going back to the prior month.

Here is how to find your homework. Click on the Calendar page found on the right hand side of the Home page. This will bring up a calendar that says #1, #2, #3, and #4. Look for the last date with your studio groups number on it. Click on this date and your assignment will come up. During the week that you have music for Studio, you will usually have homework every night. Otherwise, the homework is for you to work on during the two weeks you do not have least three times a week and a minimum of 10 minutes at a time.

Below are the folders that have your music for "Mr. Everybody's Recorder Manual." Just click on the Exercise that you want for "Mr. Everybody." Be sure that you have learned and practiced the song without the music before you try to play along with the music. Once you have learned the song, you can play along with the music on the recorder.

Exercise 1

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